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Think back to the first time you remember visiting a doctor’s office. There were a number of similar products on the market at this time.

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La mar reducing soap. Money down the drain: 'Acts like magic in reducing double chin and ungainly ankle,' it says La Parle Obesity soap positively reduced fat without diet or gymnastics;

Products like "Fatoff," "Fat-O-NO" and "La-Mar Reducing Soap" urged users to lather up to slim. La Mar Reducing Soap from the 1920s promised to 'wash away fat and years of age' to the gullible consumer Obesity and its related diseases have now reached epidemic. Results quick and amazing – nothing internal to take..

This was no ordinary weight loss craze. There is no information as to how this record, produced by Wallace Reducing Records, is supposed to work. 1917 Woodbury Soap keeping skin’s pores clean with soap and water.

1908 Ivory Paste Soap used before the development of detergent-based shampoos. Better yet, you can selectively reduce parts of your body with this soap (or so they say in this 1920's advertisement). A 1908 advert for a Susanna Cocroft weight loss pamphlet.

Acts like magic in reducing double chin, abdomen. THE SLIMMING SOAP DIET. La Mar Reducing Soap was a coconut-oil soap tinged with potassium iodide and sassafras that claimed to melt away fat while shrinking skin so that there would be no excess skin after the weight was.

The ad promises to wash away 'superfluous' body fat Credit: Just buy (and use) their reducing soap. A 1920s advert from a Central London store claims users can 'wash away fat and years of age' with La-Mar reducing Soap.

Products like this La-Mar "reducing" soap advertised in the 1920s claimed to magically wash away "superfluous" body fat. "WASH AWAY FAT AND YEARS OF AGE with La-Mar Reducing Soap. If your bust is too big, just wash your bust.

Please practice hand-washing and social distancing, and check out our resources for adapting to. This advertisement is from the 1920's, which clearly during that time advertisers could get away with much more. As this 1924 print ad for La-Mar Reducing Soap reveals, lathering up used to be marketed as a workout replacement, offering a "magic" solution to unwanted double chins and.

Or any superfluous fat on body.." Stay safe and healthy. This ad for La-Mar Reducing Soap, reveals that lathering up used to be marketed as a workout replacement, offering a “magic” solution for double chins… London England have your answer.

If your ankles are too fat, use the magic soap on them. Though it sounds too good to be true, slimming soaps had women rushing for the bathtub in the 1930s. Over $50 million was spent every year on laxatives, which were used as an ingredient in "reducing breads." The first diet drink, named Squirt, also went on the market.

Products such as "La Mar Reducing Soap" and "Fatoff" had women rushing for the bathtub in the Thirties, where these magical products promised that lathering up would help them slim down. All kinds of products were for sale, such as La-Mar Reducing Soap, Slends Fat Reducing Chewing Gum, Slenmar reducing brush, and Lesser Slim Figure Bath Oil. La-Mar reducing soap could spot-reduce flab from any part of the body without affecting other areas;

Dieters could bathe in Every Woman’s Flesh Reducer or the Lesser Slim-Figure-Bath – with the useless ingredients of table salt, alum, camphor, baking soda, citric acid, cornstarch, and borax – or scrub away fat with a Slenmar Reducing Brush and La-Mar Reducing Soap. Wouldn't every woman love to think that was true! Editorial from The New England Journal of Medicine — The La-Mar Reducing-Soap Fraud

La-Mar 'reducing soap' advert from the 1920s. Here are eight fitness gadget scams from the recent past. Wash away the fat?

All of the equipment looked so large and frightening, and the examination was definitely strange, but regardless of which decade you made your first doctor’s visit it couldn’t have been as weird as the medical practices of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.The tools, prescriptions, and ideas that were going around. As the name suggests, reducing had everything to do with losing weight but very little to do with exercise and correct nutrition. In the 1920s a new fitness craze hit white America called reducing.

1925 La-Mar Reducing Soap.

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